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Come experience the magic of Artificial intelligence in your own product content and e-commerce store. Scale your business and Experience the infinite power of handling any number of product specifications or content.

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Expand your brand identity with the help of AI

  • With IDMC dynamically create large amount of unique e-commerce content instantly. Artificially intelligent IDMC can open a new world of possibilities for your e-commerce business.

  • List Products from the most reputable manufacturers/suppliers across the United States, European Union, Australia, and the rest of the world.

  • With the help of IDMC, now you can migrate all your products from one CMS to another CMS system.


Fulfill your desire for creating the perfect 'product content' with AI powered IDMC. IDMC understands that it is not easy to constantly upload new product specifications and keep track of all product content related changes. Stop wasting time and money making and updating e-commerce product’s lists one by one.

This is why you need an AI-powered IDMC. We help you achieve a high level of perfection with AI integration. We are not talking about some small integration with database-manipulative content generation; with us you acquire the ability to create unique, really exceptional content.

SKU Modifier

Unique SKU Creation Using AI powered patterns based rules.

Name Generator

Create bulk and unique product names at once with Our AI based Name Modifier.

Description Composer

Develop AI-infused Unique bulk product descriptions in minutes.

Dynamic Pricing

We help , you automate and create rule-based, unique bulk pricing for your products.


Data Connector, Modifier, Importer

Your one-stop solution for all product customization needs. IDMC, with its AI integration, will be a reliable product data connector and bulk importer for you. You can import and modify thousands of product specifications in just a few clicks.

Ensuring bulk product specification control. Our intelligent data modifier helps your e-commerce business grow by making sure that bulk product specifications are controlled with the precision of an AI. All of this is done as an AI modifier, on a deeper level, by giving accurate, AI generated content. All comes with minimal investment and zero risk.

Import by any means. Excel, CSV or XML

Stop Worrying About Your Listing Format. With AI-integrated IDMC you can now Import, modify, export, and link current and new e-commerce product listings. We support all types of formats like Excel, CSV, XML, and many more.

Import from Popular E-commerce CMS
  • With Our Popular E-commerce CMS integration, modify huge product specification instantly.

  • Reliable data modification of the highest quality in bulk. Some of the CMS integration that we support: Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and many more.


Automate your Business

You will be able to boost your productivity and streamline your e-commerce operations with the help of Artificial Intelligence. All of this is made possible with the assistance of our user-friendly and effective product information and management system.

Our AI integrated system makes IDMC more flexible to collect, organize, and distribute bulk data. You can easily integrate it with your pre-existing e-commerce site.

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Keep your product specifications unique, clear, and easy to find by Search Engine, that will boost your online sales.

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