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As an added bonus, you can connect to any CMS and work on numerous items simultaneously. Using our AI-driven tools, you can make your product content list stand out from the crowd and easily promote it.

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IDMC, now artificially intelligent, ensures that your products are displayed in the best way to grab customer’s attention.

Just connect and modify, then export to any e-commerce CMS system. You can create a unique product page by launching the AI-powered IDMC. All of your products are presented with the necessary attributes and descriptions embedded in them.


All Format support

The artificially intelligent and feature-rich Bulk Data Connector will help you import and modify products across multiple formats, such as Excel, CSV, XML, and URL.

A one-of-a-kind and smart bulk data connection can help you get your product content ready for release across several channels. A simple export to Excel formats just a click away.

It offers the top listing for buyers without requiring them to spend any money or effort on content development.

Connect to any ecommerce CMS

You can now Connect to different CMS ecommerce websites such as Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Bulqe, Magento and many more.

After integration with your existing ecommerce website, you can import categories, attributes, products and variants.

IDMC's AI-powered content generation tools let you quickly create fresh product material in bulk and then publish it on whatever CMS you choose.



Migrate from one CMS to another

With the help of IDMC, now you can transfer all your product data from one CMS to another CMS system. Its unbelievable right! But its true.

For example - You can transfer all your product data from Shopify to WooCommerce.

All in bulk while adding new information

With the help of IDMC Data connector module, you can easily

  • Connect to different CMS websites.

  • Create or modify the product content

  • Import and modify any format files (product lists)

  • Supports all format

  • Well defined product content creation

  • Helps in increasing customer conversion rate.


We support all major ecommerce CMS platforms

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