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IDMC will help you get your Shopify e-commerce or drop-shipping store set up and running in just few clicks.

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IDMC-Shopify integration provides an All-In-One solution

You can now:

  • Look, import, modify and export the best suited merchandise

  • Ranging from fashion to home products.

  • List Products from the most reputable manufacturers/suppliers across the United States, European Union, Australia, and the rest of the world.

  • Boost your Shopify store and your Profit making goals.

All in Bulk and In few Clicks

Trust our Efficiency

Start selling immediately and without risk. Our customers' feedback indicates that IDMC integration in Shopify is a flawless process. Proving profitable to you with better ROI (Return on Investment).

Highest quality and Lowest Effort

We connect you with the most reputable suppliers. The products specifications provided by vetted e-commerce suppliers are of the highest quality. Both shipping and delivery of these products can be tracked with ease and dependability.


Ultimate Peace of Mind

We let you integrate and modify the right product specs. Creating the accurate product listing that meet the needs of your niche's customers.

IDMC promises you to deliver the most popular e-commerce solutions through Shopify integration. Complete peace of mind and pocket, due to its reliable supplier network and dedicated support staff.

Your Key To Success

You can modify your product specification in three simple steps

Connect and Import products from your shopify store
Modify them in bulk with our Intelligent Data Modifier
Export on your shopify store and start selling to your customers

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