Lead your e-commerce business with Lightspeed integration

Use our intelligent data modifier. Our services enable quick and easy dynamic product definition creation. Ensuring smooth transition of your existing and new store’s product lists

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IDMC is designed specifically for retailers with a taste for good..

  • This integration of Lightspeed with us can revolutionize the omni-channel e-commerce platform.

  • With the IDMC-Lightspeed integration, they will be able to access the content of millions of products or modify their specs with just few click.

  • Manufacturers and suppliers will be able to understand their customers across borders.

Improved integration

IDMC-Lightspeed integration can help you grow your business faster by providing intelligent bulk product content modification tools, services and full automation.

The most powerful aspect of our tool is that it creates unique & endless combinations automatically by applying specific rules set by the user patterns. Moreover, this integration offers a more varied range of choice to your customers.


Global Reach

Global orders are easy to handle with the IDMC - Lightspeed integration. Retail, golf, and hotel e-commerce enterprises worldwide will benefit from this. Your online and offline activities work together with IDMC - Lightspeed integration.

Your Key To Success

You can modify your product specification in three simple steps

Connect and Import products from your shopify store
Modify them in bulk with our Intelligent Data Modifier
Export on your shopify store and start selling to your customers

Start Optimizing your Products

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