One platform, infinite possibilities with WIX Integration

IDMC-Wix integration lets you import, modify, and upload the best products. All from world-class suppliers such as the United States, European Union, Australia, and more.

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Maximize your financial gain.

  • Our fairly priced suppliers can help you get an edge on the market.

  • IDMC makes it simple to import your entire product catalogue from trusted suppliers. Modify and upload them into your WIX store with few clicks in bulk.

  • The basic functionality of IDMC is available for free at the start. The registration process does not necessitate the entry of a credit card number or payment.

Unlimited creation

Create unique content for unlimited products with our intelligent data modifier. IDMC - Wix integration provides you with a complete suite of advanced functionalities and brings your vision to life.

Stop overpaying. Grow & Scale

Get an enterprise-grade product content creation experience. Cut down your investment on human and financial resources. IDMC is fully engineered for your limitless scalability and lets you realize a high return on investment.


Powerful AI Integration

Your E-commerce business made easy with IDMC-Wix powerful AI integration. Don't waste time creating and filtering through millions of products content one-by one. IDMC's innovative technology and Wix's cloud-based system do all of the work for you.

Your Key To Success

You can modify your product specification in three simple steps

Connect and Import products from your shopify store
Modify them in bulk with our Intelligent Data Modifier
Export on your shopify store and start selling to your customers

Start Optimizing your Products

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